Business Development 

and Representation

As you venture into market exploration and entry in Vietnam, consider me your dedicated partner in this exciting endeavor. My role extends beyond mere guidance – I am here to provide hands-on support, offering insights, strategies, and on-the-ground assistance. Furthermore, I am ready to take on the role of your local representative, ensuring that your business gains a strong foothold in the Vietnamese market. 

Further details about my services can be found below, offering a more in-depth perspective on the comprehensive assistance I provide to ensure your seamless entry and sustained success in this dynamic market:  


The points mentioned here serve as points of reference that need to be specified in a detailed discussion with the client:

o   Preliminary market research / market intelligence

o   Current situation in the Vietnamese market: challenges and opportunities

o   Qualitative study (interviews and desk research): Expectations of future Vietnamese customers 

o   Competitor analysis (concepts, offers, price structure, position in the market, reputation, assessment) 

o   Analysis of potential partners (concepts, offers, price structure, market position, reputation, assessment) 

o   Development of recommendations on possible partners (business partners, institutions, authorities) 

o   Investigation of the official situation in Vietnam and proposal for discussion partners (ministries, authorities, provinces, city administrations) 

o   Analysis and proposal of possible provinces/cities for starting the business

o   Clarification of questions regarding licensing and the issuing of visas 

o   Concept for a gradual entry into Vietnam (exploratory phase - virtual office - representative office - branch office) 

o   Legal aspects and suggestion of lawyers and tax advisors in Vietnam (drafting of contracts, company formation, tax situation, transfer of profits) 

o   If desired, the consultant can also officially appear as a representative of the client's company 

o   Other tasks as agreed… 


o   Pre-trip via Zoom: Brief introduction to the Vietnam business environment 

o   Optimal preparation for the business trip 

o   Identifying and contacting possible contacts 

o   Identifying possible networks 

o   Information on pitfalls in doing business with Vietnam 

o   Coordinating the content of the fact-finding trip: (i) organizing appointments, (ii) assisting with travel planning and hotel booking, (iii) assisting with booking transport in Vietnam 

o   Individual Q & A 

o   Additional content according to your requirements 

During the client's trip(s): 

o   Individual accompaniment of the client to meetings and appointments in Vietnam 

o   Preparation and follow-up of meetings and appointments 

o   24/7 service in all business matters 

o   Translation and interpreting services (Vietnamese/English/German) 

o   Preparation of a list of recommended events and activities during the business trip 

o   Follow-up: addressing individual questions 

o   Other tasks as agreed…


Role as bridgehead of the client's company with tasks as agreed, including:

o   Official representation on site, setting up an office (from a virtual office to a full-fledged office/representative office), contact person in Vietnam, networking on site 

o   Preparation and implementation of and support for fact-finding, business initiation and delegation trips by German partners to Vietnam  

o   Cooperation with network contacts to recruit staff from Vietnam 

o   Coordination of advertising and PR measures 

o   Organization of all kinds of information events and personal consultations for clients and partners 

o   Organization, support and implementation of intercultural preparation training

o   Establishing and maintaining contact with partners in Vietnam, Vietnamese institutions and authorities

o   Contact and liaison with the German Embassy in Hanoi, the German Consulate General in Saigon and the outsourced visa offices 

o   Supporting with all formalities

o   Project management

o   If required, selection of lawyers for contractual purposes of the contractual partners 

o   Quality control of processes and training 

o   Ensuring adherence to compliance rules and good governance 

o   Other tasks as agreed…